The idea that technology can revolutionize education is not new. However, the Internet, coupled with mobile, more affordable end-user gadgetry now lends itself as an enormously powerful digital medium to enhance the teaching and learning experience across the globe. Advances in information technology have enabled the “personalization” of the learning experience by providing access to learning and assessment resources – anywhere, anytime.

eLearn.Punjab aims to facilitate and encourage the use of educational technologies by providing digitized content, relevant supplementary resources, and online assessment tools for students and educators. As a first step, digitized versions of science subject text books for 9th and 10th grades are being made available online – along with links to a sea of supplementary material available over the Web. In future, the same content may also be pre-loaded into laptops or tablets, or made available in the form of CDs. The introduction of online self-assessment features as well as centralized course/content management tools for public schools is also planned.

We would like to make eLearn.Punjab a meaningful and exciting place for learners and educators to go to. We encourage our visitors, private sector entities, and international agencies to explore, contribute, and collaborate with us in this regard. Please visit eLearn.Punjab frequently, and send us your suggestions, feedback, links to resources, possible support via your organization’s CSR initiatives etc.

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Following table is presenting the augmented Videos, Animations, Simulations and Assessments to enhance learning values of textbooks. The offline book size in GB/MB is also mentioned in the table.


Books Videos Simulations Assessments
4th Science 104 64 81
4th Math 267 38 63
5th Science 72 14 52
5th Math 226 50 71
6th Science 176 33 173
6th Math 399 - 187
7th Science 225 17 314
7th Math 322 - 155
8th Science 334 50 180
8th Math 196 24 148
9th Biology 293 34 135
9th Chemistry 364 33 120
9th Math 630 - 123
9th Physics 396 163 114
10th Biology 243 47 135
10th Chemistry 297 24 120
10th Math 321 - 116
10th Physics 360 95 112
11th Biology 804 - -
11th Chemistry 937 - -
11th Math 775 - -
11th Physics 788 - -
12th Biology 747 - 85
12th Chemistry 891 - 154
12th Math 321 - -
12th Physics 959 - -
9 Physics Practical book - 2 -
10 Physics Practical book - - -
9 Chemistry Practical book 30 - -
10 Chemistry Practical book 21 - -
9 Biology Practical book - - -
10 Biology Practical book 25 - -
Total 11523 687 2638



We would like to appreciate the contribution of all the Content Providers, Subject Matter Experts of Punjab Text Book Board and publishers who cooperated with PITB to make this digital repository a reality.

Content Providers contributed by providing free supplementary material, Subject Matter Experts reviewed the content published at eLearn.Punjab and publishers provided the PDF files and soft copies of text books of Class 9th & 10th.


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